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Winter does not have to be a pain, at least not in your knees! Most people associate decreasing temperatures with increasing pain in their joints. Why is that? One explanation is that the cooler temperatures make our nerve endings more sensitive, therefore the pain experienced in winter is more intense. Research from Tufts University suggests colder weather can result in painful changes in the thickness of joint fluid.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to proactively manage your pain. 

  • Bundle up! Keeping your knees covered and as warm as possible when going out in the cold will help reduce pain
  • Stay Active! One reason winter takes such a toll on your health is that being stuck indoors means you are less likely to exercise. Extended periods of rest (i.e. binge watching TV on the couch because it’s freezing outside) usually results in increased stiffness and pain. Staying active and keeping your body in motion will improve circulation to your knees and help lubricate your joints, motion is lotion! Lifting light weights can also help strengthen and build joint supporting muscles. Just be sure to rest and space your activities out so your knees have time to recuperate.
  • Massage Massage can help relieve pain, decrease stiffness and improve range of motion.
  • Stay Hydrated! The benefits of proper hydration are endless. The value to your knees is softening and proper hydration of the cartilage. Additionally, drinking enough water creates adequate blood volume which allows for the distribution of nutrients to your joints.
  • Eat Smart! Focus on foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and nuts which help decrease inflammation. Also try incorporating the spice turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties, as often as possible. Foods rich in Vitamin K such as green beans, kale, asparagus and cabbage have pain-soothing properties. You can also help halt cartilage loss by increasing foods rich in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, berries and peppers.

** Opt for high fiber whole grains which help reduce inflammation over refined grains which may cause inflammation. Also avoid foods high in omega-6 fatty acids such as vegetable oil and fast food which can cause increased inflammation.  Warm Baths A great excuse to pamper yourself and relax! A warm bath can relax the muscles surrounding the knee and decrease joint stiffness.

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