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A Functional Approach to Arthritis Treatment

Feb 23, 2015 | Physical Therapy

Arthritis Treatment Arthritis is defined as joint inflammation. Osteoarthritis does not mean a disease or debilitation that you need to carry for the rest of your life. Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office offers treatment options to stop, manage or reverse inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation offers a Structural and functional approach to arthritis.

Arthritis is a painful and can be a debilitating disorder that is characterized by inflammation in the joints of the body. While there are over one hundred types of arthritis, the most common form is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is mainly experienced in the weight bearing bones of the back, neck and spine. Mechanical stress on the joints of the spine is a major cause of osteoarthritis.

What is Mechanical Stress?

The spine is a load bearing structure. The type of stress that can lead to osteoarthritis is known as a mechanical stress, which is caused by an atypical loading back, neck and spine.

Most authorities believe that remissions rarely occur. Some experts feel that the term “remission-inducing” should not be used to describe any current rheumatoid arthritis treatment. A review of contemporary treatment methods shows that medical science has not been able to significantly improve the long-term outcome of the disease.

Crucial Lifestyle Changes for Arthritis

Improving your diet using a combination of nutritional guidelines can be a crucial part of your success. To learn more about how to maintain a healthy diet read the guidelines on www.arthritistoday.org.

  • Eliminating Sugar, especially fructose and most grains. For many this will mean limiting your fruit intake to small quantities.
  • Eating unprocessed, high quality foods – organic and locally grown if possible
  • Eating your food as close to raw as possible
  • Fitting regular exercise into your daily schedule
  • Getting high quality, animal-based omega-3fats, krill oil has shown to be helpful as it appears to be a more effective inflammatory preparation

Arthritis Pain Physical Therapy for Arthritis Joint Pain

Both Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have commonly affected joints that include those of fingers and wrists, most often afflicted with arthritis as well as the weight bearing joints, including spine, knees and hips.

Physical therapy is incorporated into arthritis pain management plans as part of an overall strategy to relieve pain while promoting normal movement and functioning. Physical therapy can also help patients to gain strength and teach arthritis suffers how to move while avoiding additional pain.

In addition to physical therapy, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has a wide range of treatment options of arthritis including pain management though medical care. Our medical director oversees all programs of care and may recommend and administer joint injections to help with Arthritis.

Physical Therapy

The following physical therapy practices are used at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation for arthritis:

Therapeutic Exercise: It’s important for patients with arthritis to exercise under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. With therapeutic exercise for Arthritis you can accomplish a number of goals like improved range of motion, increased strength in areas surrounding the affected joints.

Lower Level Laser Therapy: Also known as Cold Laser Therapy, this is a passive physical therapy technique which uses wavelengths of light to reduce inflammation, pain and speed healing up the process.

Hot & Cold Therapy: Heat increases circulation and dilates blood vessels while reducing muscle spasms. Increased circulation is helpful promoting the healing process. Cold therapy, on the other hand constricts the blood vessels in order to calm inflammation and ease pain.

Electrotherapy: Electrical stimulation is another passive physical therapy technology used to promote healing. Using a TENS device (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), electrotherapy helps the body by boosting circulation, calming inflammation and helping the body to release natural painkilling chemicals in the brain.

Traction: traction may be used to relieve painful pressure place on spinal nerves due to arthritis affecting the joints of the spine.

If you are suffering from Arthritis of any kind and need relief, visit our office. We believe that patients deserve to find effective treatment plans without having to visiting multiple facilities. Our office is here for medical services,pain management techniques, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic.

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