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FREE Power Plate Work-out Class in Red Bank New Jersey

May 30, 2012 | Physical Therapy

On Wednesday, June 6th at 12:30pm, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation will be offering a FREE Power Plate work-out class for anyone new to our Red Bank office. Using our cutting-edge Power Plates® and vibration therapy, our Physical Therapists will demonstrate how to work-out smarter not harder. A work-out on the Power Plate® is a completely revolutionary gym experience.

Sign-up now on Facebook for our FREE class and experience the Power Plate® for yourself! If you do not have a Facebook account, call our office at 732-345-1377 ext. 113

Power Plate® Fitness

Vibration Technology

Offering our patients the latest in technological services is something we take great pride in here at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. The Power Plate® is no exception. It is an exercise platform that has received an overwhelming response from our patients. Using vibration technology to create a more efficient work-out, the Power Plate® uses one central vibrating platform where many different types of exercises are performed.

Muscle-activation technique through vibration was originally developed by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov. It was first used in the Russian space program to help prevent astronauts’ muscles and bones from wasting in space. A commercial version of the machine was marketed by Guus van der Meer and his team in 1999 under the name Power Plate®.

How it works

The Power Plate® uses Acceleration Training™, also known as Whole Body Vibrational Training. This technique achieves what no other form of exercise can, in a very short period of time. The Power Plate® vibrates at an extremely quick rate of 25 to 50 times per second across very small distances. When the Power Plate® moves up and down, your muscle tone improves, when it moves left to right, your balance and coordination improves. The result is a dramatic improvement in strength and power, flexibility, balance, tone and leanness. While standing on the Power Plate®, each muscle in your body expands and contacts reflexively, responding automatically to the vibrations. This stimulates the body’s muscles and nerves, resulting in more work being done by your body in a shorter period of time. In conventional training, a maximum of 40% of muscle fibers are required, the Power Plate® vibrations require between 95% and 97% of the muscle fibers.

Power Plate® for Pain and Rehabilitation

The vibration technology behind Power Plate® machines has demonstrated dramatic benefits to patients in rehabilitation and management of chronic pain. Our staff here at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has found the Power Plate® to be a valuable tool for patient care.

With the Power Plate®, rehabilitation programs that normally require significant session lengths can be completed in a fraction of the time. 10 minutes on the Power Plate® is equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional training. Positive results are achieved without the pains of higher-impact forms of training or rehabilitation therapy. With its low-impact and gentle nature, the Power Plate® can provide even the most physically challenged individuals the opportunity to improve overall health and fitness.

Power Plate® technology increases the efficacy of exercise, enhancing the ability to reach certain physical therapy goals for our rehabilitation patients. For patients suffering from a variety of different issues, the Power Plate® offers a workout program that is 200% more effective with exercises that are less resistant. It is also extremely helpful for older patients who are no longer able to exercise at previous levels.

Exercising on the Power Plate® improves muscle strength and flexibility, aids in weight loss, improves blood circulation, reduces pain and speeds up recovery. Our physical therapists here at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation have found that integrating this cutting-edge equipment into our patient’s rehabilitation programs help with the rebuilding of bones, muscle strength, conditioning, and overall exercising performance.

To learn more about the Power Plate®, or to schedule an appointment, contact our Red Bank office today.

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