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If you have been afflicted by an injury or experience some kind of chronic pain, physical therapy is there to develop, sustain, and return maximum movement and flexibility. Although therapy requires hard work and determination, it is worth the effort. 

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, we believe that active physical therapy is one of the best methods to effectively achieve your movement and flexibility goals and return you to health. We place you in charge of your success, guided by our experienced therapists.

What Is Active Physical Therapy?

Active physical therapy involves the patient exerting physical effort to work toward regaining movement and range of motion after an injury or as a result of a chronic condition. Because you have an active role in the success of your rehabilitation, you are able to credit yourself for the progress you make and the positive impacts the therapy has on your life. Though active physical therapy can be painful, it should never push you to further injury. Minor pain in rehabilitation can result in long-term pain relief as your body adjusts and heals.

Active vs. Passive Exercises During Rehabilitation

In some cases, an individual may not be able to take an active role in physical therapy because of a specific condition or injury. This does not mean that physical therapy will not be useful. It simply means that our professional physical therapists will use different techniques and assume more responsibility for assisting these patients in their exercises. Passive exercises involve the patient allowing a therapist to move their body for them in an effort to regain range of motion. Laser therapy is a good example of passive physical therapy.

Active physical therapy, on the other hand, places the exertion on the patient. It may feel like more of a workout than therapy, but this is all to improve or regain movement and range of motion. Using workout equipment such as recumbent bicycles, ankle weights, weighted hand balls, Therabands, and much more allows you as the patient to work diligently under the guidance of your therapist during your rehabilitation.

Active Physical Therapy in Wall, NJ

After an injury, pain and decreased range of motion can be major inhibitors to everyday life. A chronic condition that also results in daily pain and stress can greatly reduce your quality of life and overall happiness. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, our specialists believe in active physical therapy to help eliminate your pain in the long-term at all of our locations. Contact our offices in Ocean and Monmouth counties today to schedule your free consultation!