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How Power Plate Vibration Therapy Help Improve Your Golf Game

The Power Plate is a Vibrational Platform that shifts under you at speeds of 30 – 50 times per second.  This vibrates the muscles throughout the body.  Activation of multiple muscle groups at the same time creates a synergistic effect within the musculoskeletal system which generates a dramatic improvement in performance, balance, flexibility, coordination and strength (not to mention helping to alleviate pain.)

This all occurs within your 20 minute full body workout session.

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, our team of NJ physical therapists and chiropractors has collaborated to create a Power Plate Protocol for the Golfer.  We have been training golfers on this all season and have already seen excellent results.  Additionally, we have had positive side effects such as weight loss and increased energy.  These are common effects when you activate muscle at this level.  Activation of the muscle creates an increase in metabolic function.  In other words, the vibration increases your metabolism which can lead to increased energy and weight loss if you carry additional unnecessary weight.

PGA Professional Colin Montgomerie

“Power Plate complements my fitness routine; it’s great for increasing strength and has helped me increase my range of mobility in my lower back.  I feel more flexible after I have used it.  I just like the fact that you can do your workout in a relatively short time.  I could live without working out, but I couldn’t do my job as well.  I need to keep fit when I am not out on the tour.  Using Power Plate strengthens me and prevents injury.” get them out of pain naturally; I improve their flexibility naturally, and now, with the help of the Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Therapy, I improve their stability, balance strength and power.  All of these factors come together to create a better score and a better overall experience on the golf course.”

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