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A Comprehensive Knee Pain Solution

Knee pain is frustrating.  It prevents us from activity.  We feel unstable. We may have difficulty walking up, but more than likely difficulty walking down the steps.  It aches when we try to be active.   The knee swells, gains fluid, clicks and locks.  The knee pain can be sharp and stabbing or dull and achy. It makes us grumpy.  And unfortunately, it often times leads to living a less active and less fulfilling life.  Consequently, we tend to put on weight that only increases the knee pain.  Knee pain and weight gain are followed by knee arthritis.  Then knee degeneration follows the arthritis.  Eventually knee replacement is necessary because the problem was not addressed early enough.  And if you think that a new knee is going to enable you to start running marathons, you are fooling yourself.  Many people still experience significant pain and disability long after their knee replacement surgery.

I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of people go through this process.  And it doesn’t have to be this way.

A Knee Pain Program

I have studied knee pain and have treated knee pain for many years.  I have taken what I have found to be the best therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques and put them together into this program.  I will list them here with a brief explanation of each.  My experience is not to treat this program like you are going to the cafeteria and ordering ala cart style.  I have found the best results when this program is done utilizing all of these modalities and techniques simultaneously and over a short period of time.

Analysis and Diagnosis

Creating a knee pain program begins with the proper diagnosis.  Xrays are necessary, along with an examination that includes gait analysis (analyzing how you walk,) posture analysis, and even an examination of the foot and hip.  I have found that many if not most knee problems begin in areas outside of the knee (most of the time there is dysfunction at the foot, hip or the back causing the knee problem.)  And if there is a problem at the foot, hip or back and it is overlooked, the knee problem can never completely resolve.  Furthermore, if the problem has been present long enough, wherever it began, it now becomes a problem in the knee.  This is the case with most knee arthritis issues.


Treatment may includes the following based, of course, on the condition, severity and the patients individual circumstances:

Viscosupplementation – This is a natural gel that is injected directly into the knee joint.  The success of this depends in most circumstances on how the person follows up and works consistently with rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation – Power Plate vibration therapy, K-laser light therapy and manual vibracussor treatments are all cutting edge forms of physical therapy and are most effective for knee pain reduction.  Additionally, core knee stabilization programs work to strengthen and prevent knee pain from returning.

Acupuncture – Works to improve circulation (blood flow) in and around the knee.  Acupuncture treatments used in conjunction with the natural injections and rehab protocols are shown to increase the healing process.

Chiropractic Biophysics – A biomechanical analysis of the entire posture beginning with the feet and up right to the head can be performed by a doctor of chiropractic whose is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP.)

Weight Loss and Anti-inflammatory Diet – A program can be specifically designed to help you to target fat loss and maintain and increase muscle during this program.  This will aid in reducing the long term effects of chronic knee pain and prevent it from returning.

This is a brief overview of a comprehensive knee pain program.  Contact your physician to determine if this is a program that will suite your needs or feel free to reach out to us here at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation for additional information.

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