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Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Welcomes New Physical Therapist

Jul 10, 2012 | Physical Therapy

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is excited to welcome the newest member of our staff, Physical Therapist, Roger Rudzinski. Roger has a diverse, interesting, and extensive background; bringing new energy to our Red Bank office.

Roger provides an impressive history of education. When Roger completed High School in 1978, he went into work with General Motors. After realizing the factory life wasn’t for him, Roger attended Jersey City State Teachers College where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education in 1982. From there, Roger went to New York University and received his Master’s degree in Nutrition in 1983.

Roger knew that he had a passion for Physical Therapy and Exercise Science, so he went to Columbia University and earned a PhD in Exercise Physiology in 1985. From there, Roger went back to NYU and achieved a Degree in Physical Therapy, eventually becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 1990 (DPT).

Between 1984 and 1990, while Roger was pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy, he worked with the New York Giants at the Fitness and Back Institute in Paramus, New Jersey as an Athletic Trainer.

Roger has always been an athletic and fitness motived individual. During High School he participated in Varsity football, Karate Club and the bowling team. Through his college years, Roger became a professional body builder and was named Mr. New Jersey in 1994 and Mr. East Coast in 1997. In 2007 he promoted the first Mr. New Jersey State Body Building and Fitness competition.

As Roger has always had a special passion for Karate, he and some members of his High School’s Karate club opened up a school called Key Karate in 2011. Roger has earned a black belt and was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2007. In addition to pursuits in karate and body building, Roger was also a volunteer Fire Fighter for 10 years and a Sandy Hook life guard.

Currently, aside from being a new asset to our team at Monmouth Pain, Roger is vice chair (and former chair) of the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Home Health Division. This is a significant interest group dedicated to making improvements in home health care.

As Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation continues to grow and expand, we are pleased to bring on new staff members who bring energy and commitment to our facility. Our goal here at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is bring an end to pain and injury by treating the whole patient with our different methods of care. Physical Therapy is an essential component to our facility, and with his deication and enthusiastic spirit, Roger is proving to be nothing less than essential as well.

“My goal is your complete recovery,” – Roger Rudzinski

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