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I hear our Senior Physical Therapist Ralph Morello oftentimes introduce himself to a new patient as, “Hi. I’m Ralph.  I ‘m a physical therapist and will be working with you.”  This simple introduction is sometimes followed with: “As you can see, this is not your typical physical therapy facility.”  Ralph’s humility sets the tone for the rehabilitation department at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation.  The treatment floor’s “Under promise, over deliver” attitude creates an atmosphere of comfort and excitement.  At MPR, we readily accept the tough cases with the easy cases.  Give us the failed back surgeries and the 10/10 pain syndromes.  We take those in step with the simple shoulder pain and neck pain cases.

Ralph has led the physical therapy department at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation to the cutting edge of sports and general orthopedic rehabilitation.  Ralph and the entire physical therapy team combine their expertise and experience with technology to provide patients with the highest quality care.  Utilizing the latest in technology with the Power Plate Vibration Therapy , the K-Laser Rehabilitation Laser, and Decompression Traction our physical therapy department sees great outcomes and results with a spectrum of conditions.

Technology is a great tool.  But it is only a tool.  The care truly begins with the practitioner. Ralph brings 23 years of experience to his practice of physical therapy.  He is a Certified Clinical Instructor in the Sportsmetrics program for the prevention and treatment of ACL injuries in young athletes. Additionally, he holds the CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  This kind of experience is not so common to find.  When it is combined with the multidisciplinary model at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation where western medicine meets eastern medicine and technology meets compassion all under one roof, you can imagine the results that can be attained.

If you are looking for the right physical therapist and rehabilitation team to treat your back, knee, shoulder, neck, foot, carpal tunnel, herniated disc, sciatica, numbness, tingling, and the list goes on and on, look no further!  Call or email us today for an appointment.  We participate with Medicare and we work with most insurances.