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Dr. Nichole Chaviano graduated from the University of Delaware in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science with a concentration in Physiology and a minor in Strength + Conditioning. While at UD, she had the opportunity to work with many Division 1 athletes as a Strength + Conditioning intern, not only in the weight room but also in a rehabilitation setting. She went on to attend Rutgers University, where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in May 2015.

What are the most common hockey injuries you have seen?
Knee & Hip injuries- from ACL and other ligamentous injuries and injuries of the meniscus, as well as pulls, strains and tears of the groin and hamstrings to fractures of the lower leg.
Ankle & Foot injuries including ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis and ruptures and blisters.
Shoulder, Head & Spine injuries including Concussions, whip lash, neck strains, Rotator cuff sprains/tears, shoulder dislocations & separations, disc herniations and fractures.

Do you have any tips for preventing Hockey Injuries?
Wear appropriate, fitted equipment. This may include helmets, pads, mouth guards, and fitted skates. In addition to appropriate equipment it is especially important for athletes to be physically prepared for sport, with sport specific strength and conditioning. Athletes should also participate in pre-testing for concussion management. In the event an athlete sustains a head injury having the pre-injury data helps to drive treatment and return to sport protocol more safely and quickly.

What should an athlete do if they are injured?
Depending on the extent of the injury the athlete should be cleared of any immediate risk of bleeding or fracture by MD. Once cleared they should see a Physical Therapist for treatment to safely and quickly return to the rink. At MPR this can include some of the latest technology including ImPact ™ Concussion testing, and Game Ready ™. All of our therapists create individualized treatment plans including the use of sport specific equipment including slide boards, airex and BOSU ™ balance training systems and Power Plates ™.

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