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Most athletes during their career will suffer from an injury. Most injuries actually happen once a season – that is why having a plan of action is so important for athletes to recover fast.

Game_Ready_logo_500pxOne of the best ways you can treat an athletic injury is with cold therapy. We have learned that RICE, rest, ice compression, elevation is the a great treatment for sprains, strains, muscle tears and even surgery recovery. Cold Therapy treatments, like Game Ready can help ensure you get back into the game as quick as possible without causing further damage.

Game ready is one step above RICE, this is because it provides consistent cold that penetrates deeper and lasts longer than a basic ice pack. The Game Ready technology also ads pneumatic pressure which helps actively remove edema and prevent further swelling – this is helpful because any damaged tissue can heal more quickly.

How can Cold Therapy Help You:

  • Surgery Recovery
  • Major Injury Recovery
  • Minor Injury Recovery
  • Post-game Recovery

Whether you’ve had a recent surgery or an injury, Game Ready is designed to help the body heal faster and can be beneficial from the time right after surgery up until the body has fully healed. Recovery time can even be shortened from the therapeutic cold and active compression and used to recede pain and swelling to promote healing.

Cold and compression wraps are made to fit almost every part of the body and can be used to help treat ankles, hips, back, wrist or shoulder pain.

If you are interested in cold therapy and our Game Ready technology contact our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office today. We’re currently offering a FREE session of the Game Ready Cold Therapy, call now to book your appointment, 732-345-1377.