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“Dude-“Tu Eres Gordo!” — Part II

Mar 15, 2014 | Wellness

Lose 25 Pounds With Science And You Will Never Find Those 25 Pounds Again!

If you have missed my last blog entry entitled “Dude -Tu Eres Gordo”, and you like the idea of laughing the expense at a naïve doctor with a large ego, then read this and then continue.

Many of you have asked me how I lost the 25 pounds of fat and was able to keep it off for all of these years.  I have put this information together that I present in a 45 minute community service style workshop that I present to the general public twice a month at my Red Bank office. Click here for more information and upcoming workshop dates.

We get decent attendance, but seeing that we are now in the day and age where everyone wants  this information without having to drive to find it, I have decided to begin to share my knowledge via my writing (and maybe soon enough via a YouTube channel.)  In the meantime, I will now introduce some of the concepts of long lasting weight loss (more importantly fat loss.)

Many people blame age and the slowing of our metabolism as the cause of our weight gain.  I hear time and time again from patients that they eat well, focusing on a predominantly Mediterranean diet, yet can’t lose the weight.  I feel that first step is to understand how your body utilizes the food you consume.

All Carbohydrates are Sugar

Whether you eat candy or a slice of bread, your body will respond by releasing a hormone called insulin from the pancreas.  Insulin’s job is to reduce the levels of carbohydrate/sugar that are in the blood (carbs and sugar are called glucose once in the blood) by directing the carb/sugar/glucose to the cells of the body to be used as energy.

When the body has all the carb/sugar/glucose it needs, the insulin then stores the rest of it in the liver and in the skeletal muscles.  Once the liver and skeletal muscle are filled then what?  The typical American eats so many carbohydrates that the storage centers in the liver and skeletal muscle become full.  The overflow is converted to fat!!!!  This is how we get fat by eating carbohydrates and sugar.  And this is the key to understanding the process by which we can begin the fat loss process.

Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss

Many of you may think that you want to lose weight.  But if I told you that the weight you lost was muscle, you may get upset. You certainly should get upset because you need that hardearned muscle to function at your best.  Additionally, your most important muscle is your heart and you certainly do not want to lose any of that muscle.

What you really want to lose is excess fat.  Excess fat is what slows you down, makes you lethargic and prevents you from living at your best.

You Cannot Exercise Your Fat Away

The key to losing fat is not exercise.  Exercise helps, but when you exercise you are using all of that stored up carbohydrate/sugar/glucose that the insulin placed in your liver and skeletal muscles.  Actually, in order to lose a single pound of fat you need to run an entire marathon!  That’s right, 26.2 miles, just to lose one pound of fat!

So then how do you burn the fat?


The key to fat loss is by reducing the consumption of carbohydrate/sugar.  You reduce the amount you eat to the extent that your body has to go to the storage unit in the liver and skeletal muscle for the stored energy (stored in the form of glycogen.)  Then, after the body uses all of its storage energy in the liver and muscle what does it do?  You got it!  It now uses fat for energy!  Here is the key to fat loss.

We get you to the point where your body burns fat for its energy.  The method is simple; however, not easy to implement.  I strongly suggest medical supervision while going through this process.

At my clinic, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, I have a specific program in place called Ideal Protein to help dieters lose the fat and keep it off.  For more information, attend one my bimonthly workshops and stay tuned for more information.

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