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Here at Monmouth Pain, we rehabilitate our patients and help bring an end to their pain so that they can live a healthy, happy life. Now, with the addition of our 20nutritional program, Ideal Protein, we are committed to giving our patients the opportunity to not only feel better on the inside, but also look great on the outside. Ideal Protein is a medically-supervised protocol provided only by healthcare offices with personalized, one-on-one weekly support and education. It is a muscle-sparing, fat targeting protocol unlike any other diet.  Patients typically lose 3-7 lbs. per week of fat with minimal exercise.

Ideal Protein is an accelerated healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results. The gourmet protein foods contain highly absorbable, high-biological value protein isolates, which are combined with essential amino acids, and accompanied with supplements and mineral salts.

Patients will meet with our dedicated coaches to discuss how Ideal Protein can help meet their weight loss and/or medical goals. We will explain how Ideal Protein works and the benefits seen by completing 4 simple phases. Patients who suffer from many different conditions such as Type II diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and fatigue can benefit from the insulin-glucagon level-balancing effect from Ideal Protein.

One of our main goals here at Monmouth Pain is to help patients avoid surgery and narcotics because we know how detrimental the long term effects can be. Patients who have high cholesterol, diabetes or other conditions caused by obesity are most likely on different types of medications to help control these conditions. As these patients lose weight with Ideal Protein, their obesity related conditions can improve and medication can be eliminated.

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