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Is There Such Thing as Hibernation for Humans? Yes.

Feb 22, 2020 | Wellness

A friend said to me the other day that he doesn’t exercise much while the weather is cold. He doesn’t care much for the gym or exercising inside for that matter. He does however love to go to the local park in the spring and summer months and jog. He will also join a softball league in the spring and a soccer tournament in the summer. He is a very active person during these months which is great for his health. My friend also takes a proper dosage of vitamin supplements to ensure he replenishes his body with all the nutrients that he is utilizing during exercise. He also eats well.

But what does he do in the colder fall and winter months to stay healthy? I asked him this question and his answer was that he continues to take his vitamin supplements and eat well. He said to me that his vitamin supplements and healthy diet carry him through those months until the weather becomes warmer. At that point he picks up his exercising regime once again. My friend is not the only one who lives like this. Many people go into a form of hibernation during the cold months and do not return to exercise until spring.

Many people also wonder why they become sick, have little energy, or are stricken with horrific allergies once the fairer weather months return. One big reason for these conditions is because we allow our bodies and immune systems to weaken during the previous months! By the time we strengthen our bodies again after returning to exercise and activities, it is too hot outside and again we fall into another stage of hibernation.

So what can we do? It’s simple. We need to remain continuously active. Exercise can not be seasonal. We have to keep our bodies in top shape so when the flowers are blooming again, we can enjoy them to the fullest.

Following are some tips to help you stay active during the colder months:

1) Exercise at Work: Is it actually possible to do this? Well, yes it is. For many of us, the most exercise we get at work is to get up and go to the bathroom. Well actually there is something to be said for this. Get up more often! You don’t have to travel to the restroom every single time but standing up and moving around helps keep the blood circulating and the muscles working. When you do walk to the bathroom, use a facility that’s further away from your desk, maybe even on another floor. At break time, keep your lunch in the car! This will force you to walk out and pick it up. Yes, it’s cold outside but keep in mind the benefits!!!

2) Play indoor Sports: During the winter months, numerous sports leagues are forming at indoor arenas. For example, I informed my friend that he could join a local indoor soccer league that was just starting. He didn’t even know that something like existed. It literally has changed the way he thinks about these months. Indoor Basketball, Roller Hockey, and even Beach Volleyball leagues can also be found while snow is on the ground. The venue might change but the joy of the games remain.

3) Brave the Outdoors: Skiing and snowboarding are not the only outdoor activities that people do in the late fall and winter. There are also outdoor sporting leagues that form in the winter months such as flag football and ice hockey. Ice skating is also a great way of staying in shape and many rinks are even indoors. Even shopping counts! Yes, shopping! It seems like every time I turn around, a large new retail outlet is opening and in most cases these are outdoors. Another little known tidbit about these outlets is that they are generally quieter in the months like January, February, and March. This in-turn means great deals! Try making it a point every year to hold off the larger purchases until these months. Not only will it help get you out of the house during these months, but it will also give you another event to look forward to in a time of year where holidays are sparse and the days are shorter.

Regardless of the activity chosen, keep active. It’s not easy…I know. However, your health is not seasonal and neither should be your exercising. Keep active and stay healthy.

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