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New Year’s Resolutions are Stupid

Jan 8, 2013 | Wellness

(Or so my teacher says)

Answer These 4 Questions to Make a Real Change in Your Life in 2013

My favorite professor and one I have studied under for more than 14 years now has a very direct way of getting a message through to me. His approach may have been influenced by his military background, being a high ranking colonel in the army. Or maybe he used this approach because he knows I have a very difficult time paying attention. He has said things like:

“You can’t fix stupid, all you can do is kill it.” I think he was kidding. Maybe he wasn’t.

He also said “Life is simple, but nobody promised you it would be easy.”

And one that is appropriate for this conversation: “People don’t like change.”

Every year when the New Year comes around he reminds me that people do not like to change and to truly change you need to ask yourself some pretty tough questions and be ready for some tough answers.

Are you really committed to changing something in your life? Check in with yourself. Ask yourself the following 4 questions in the mirror and then revisit those resolutions (Be careful – this exercise may lead you to making some serious change!):

1- What do I REALLY want to change about myself or do differently in my life?

Focus on the want. Feel the want.

2- Why do I want to change it?

Be clear and honest with yourself. Do you want to make a change for you or because you think it might be for the best ? Or do you want to make this change because it is truly what your heart wants?

3- What do I feel in my gut right now when I ask myself this question?

This is the key! Your feelings will get you out of that tricky part of your being that does not like or want change, that tricky part of your being that is afraid of change and holds onto the past and onto illusions of what things are. What part am I speaking of? Your mind. Stop thinking. Start feeling.

4- How will my life be different once I make this change?

The philosopher Neville Goddard wrote at volume that to truly manifest what you want in life you must not only visualize it clearly, but FEEL it clearly. In other words, imagine with your heart and mind the change you want to see actualize.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

One change we could all focus on this year is how we take care of our health, mind, and bodies. Change the way you treat yourself. Focus on taking care of yourself.  Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is not only a facility for those who suffer from painChiropractic treatments promote positive changes in the body’s natural healing of itself. Physical Therapy focuses on maximizing the body to its fullest potential while promoting ideal function and movement. Acupuncture works to balance the body’s energy to improve health and wellness. When answering the four questions above, take your well-being into consideration, you deserve it.

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