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Our Weight Loss program continues to surprise me each day.  It is absolutely amazing to me how the combination of a medically directed program and a motivated dieter creates remarkable results.  I will begin to post more of our most recent success stories. One of our dieters is down 45 pounds of fat loss with 5 pounds of muscle gain in that same period of time.  The coolest part is he doesn’t need to exercise.  How?  Because our weight loss program not only targets fat loss, but also ensures the proper protein and anti-inflammatory food intake. He consistently is losing over 5 pounds of fat each week and he is never hungry.  Why?  Because the diet is designed to break the unconscious sugar and carbohydrate addictions that drive our appetites.  And to think of the surgical alternatives?!?!?!  A little discipline vs. a lapband surgical procedure?  Really?  It’s a no brainer!

Our upcoming talks with Dr. Boyd on June 6 & 8 will provide those interested with the secrets to melt away that fat and embrace a healthier you! Call 732-345-1377 or email us today to register for either date.