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For better psychological and physical health, it’s time to start looking to our communities for answers.

There’s a lot of talk these days about the disintegration of ‘the community’ in America. Those of us on the Jersey Shore, however, know that community activity and participation are alive and well. This is good news on many levels—all research indicates that those living in tighter-knit neighborhoods enjoy better health and longer lives.

Belmar is such a great example. This little town plays host to a number of community events each year, many of which are great for your health (running races, for example) and benefit the larger community through charitable donation. Even better, they bring families together and foster a sense of well-being.

The Third Annual Polar Bear Plunge was held in Belmar this past New Year’s Eve. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a polar bear plunge is an event in which participants voluntarily agree to swim in freezing-cold water (the Atlantic Ocean, obviously, in this case). The usual purpose of this activity is to raise money and/or awareness for a specific cause. This year, money was donated to benefit LADACIN, an agency dedicated to providing services for people with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities.

(For those of you wondering, Polar Bear Plunges are safe for those who are in good health; they may not be advisable for people with hypertension or other heart conditions.)

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that communities can benefit our health:

  • Time with family and friends: Studies have found that those who do not view the world as caring or supportive are more vulnerable to a variety of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease or compromised immunity. For those who are not originally from the area, the many community events and opportunities for volunteerism in Belmar and surrounding towns are a great chance to get out of isolation, get the body moving, and to make friends.
  • Helping others is good for your health: Volunteering or actively participating in fundraising events can give your life more purpose and meaning. This can also benefit your health; those who activity work to help others have longer lives, lowered rates of depression and heart disease, and function better overall.
  • Setting goals for physical activity: Preparing your body for running events, surfing competitions, etc. is an excellent way to set concrete goals for health. A lot of people trying to lose weight or get in better shape find that having an end-goal in sight can be extremely motivating.

I am convinced that it’s necessary to remain in good health in order to live the best life possible. Sometimes, getting in shape means addressing conditions we have been ignoring (chronic pain). For some, beginning new activities may increase the risk of sports injuries. The last thing anyone wants is to be hemmed in by unnecessary or prolonged pain; Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center can help.

Pain Management in Belmar, NJ

For the treatment of chronic pain, sports injuries, or any other disabling condition, our office has simplified the pain management process. When you visit Monmouth Pain and Rehab, you’ll find a medical doctor specializing in non-surgical pain management, as well as an extensive physical therapy program.

Our goal is to treat patients with as little drug use as possible. With this objective in mind, we offer patients the opportunity to incorporate acupuncture into their treatment plans. Acupuncture is a natural method of relieving pain and speeding up the healing process. Additionally, chiropractic care is offered to help resolve certain conditions and ensure that the nervous system (which is responsible for pain) is working optimally.

Keep in mind, all of these treatment options are offered in one location. Even better, our team of healthcare practitioners is highly skilled and extremely motivated to work toward the best possible pain management strategies.

To learn more about pain management in Belmar, NJ, please feel free to contact our rehabilitation office.