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written by: Nichole Chaviano, PT, DPT

Spring is the season for rebirth, renewal and regrowth! The spring season brings a variety of fresh opportunities to achieve all the goals stunted by winter’s chilly hand. Here are some tips & tricks to improve your body, mind and soul.

spring clean image 1. Embrace the outdoors – Spring is the best time to get out of the house and explore Mother Nature. Monmouth County offers some of the best beaches and park trails in the state. Grab your sneakers, breathe in the fresh air and go for a walk through one of the state parks or on the boardwalk…. Feeling adventurous? Call a friend and try a new activity; NJ offers everything from kayaking, fishing, biking and everything in between right outside your door.  Click here for some local ideas

2. Clean out your pantry – Are you still hoarding those holiday treats? Ditch the processed foods and anything low in nutritional value including white bread, sugary cereals, chips and fruit drinks. Fresh produce is easy to find this time of year at most grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Your body and mind will be clearer and your energy level will increase to match those extra hours of sunlight a day!

3. Spring Cleaning – Spring’s most daunting task can be fun and easy when you are realistic about your goals. Make a list of everything you need to do and tackle one per day. Before you know it your house will be shining brighter than the summer sun and you won’t have nightmares of the weekend it took to scrub it down. 12 Spring Cleaning tips

4. Volunteer – Everywhere you look there is a charity event popping up, while this can be overwhelming, find something you are passionate about and help out. Whether raising money, participating or volunteering at an event, use the opportunity to meet people with similar interests, learn something or just have a fun day staying active with friends!