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Remembering the Old Economics Adage:  “There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”lunch

So many of our patients are getting out of pain and getting fit.  Fitness includes everything from increasing cardiovascular health to losing some unnecessary fat.  The idea of getting fit after perhaps “hibernating” all winter can be a grueling process.  At the very least it takes work.  This entire process of getting fit after allowing your body to be, shall I say, less than fit, falls into the category of “Detoxification.”  No one likes toxins.  Even the word makes me cringe.  The idea of toxins in the body is something most want to avoid (or ignore) as the case may be.

I once took a basic economics class while in my first year in under-grad at Rutgers.  The instructor said something that has stuck with me for many years.  Although he used it in a different context, I have found it to be useful as it relates to health.   He said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

No Free Lunches

We all have excuses for why we ate that extra slice of pizza (or even the first slice.)  We have excuses for why we stopped exercising over the winter.  We have excuses for why we have stopped spin class, stopped meditating, stopped eating our veggies.  Regardless of the excuse, we are now out of balance.  We are out of shape and we have put on some weight (specifically fat!)  Now we have to pay.  If we do nothing, we pay with poor health and eventually disease.  If we choose to whip ourselves back into shape, it’s going to take some work.  We will need to change some bad habits, and create new pathways of discipline.

Knowledge is Power

If you would like more information on my weight loss and nutritional detoxification program, I hold a free 45-minute class here at the office (7 Globe Ct., Red Bank) just about every two weeks.  This class covers some science, some anatomy, and most importantly ways to help reach your health goals!

Here is a link from our website to learn a bit more about my weight loss program. 

Here is also a link on detoxifying baths (an easy way to begin the process of paying back some of those free lunches!)