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Treatment for Seasonal Allergies at Monmouth County Chiropractic Center

May 10, 2010 | Chiropractic, Wellness

Allergy season is here. Learn more about how chiropractic can help make this spring a healthy one.

My Allergy Story

Years ago, I was a high school football player suffering from a neck injury. When I decided to visit a chiropractor, I had no idea that the treatment I received for my neck condition would vastly improve the severe seasonal allergies I had suffered from throughout childhood.

Until I met with a chiropractor, every allergy treatment I had endured was unsuccessful. Allergy medicines did not work.  They made me tired and confused. Allergy medications (typically anti-histamines or decongestants) can also cause many unpleasant side effects, including extreme drowsiness, dizziness, high blood pressure, disturbed coordination, and/ or hallucinations.

Allergy shots (known as immunotherapy) were also ineffective for my allergies. I was getting these shots three times a week for years.  Immunotherapy is the process of gradually exposing the body to the allergens that are known to cause a reaction. The immune system is placed under a great amount of stress in this scenario as the body is forced to adjust itself to a substance it wants to avoid.

After several weeks of chiropractic adjustment my allergies were 90% improved and have not since returned. I could not have imagined that my remarkable recovery would lead me toward my life’s work as a Doctor of Chiropractic and as the owner of a multi-disciplinary wellness center. However, this experience made such an impression on me that it was the driving force in my decision to become a chiropractor.

But How Does Chiropractic Help Allergies?

In order to understand how chiropractic and allergies are related, it’s important to know the basics of how allergies occur in the first place. Let me explain.

The immune system acts under the direct supervision of the nervous system. When the nervous system is not in perfect working order, it impairs the functioning of the immune system, often with disastrous results. A malfunctioning immune system is not only unable to fight infection, it can begin to overreact to harmless substances—thereby causing allergies.

The goal of chiropractic treatment in allergy sufferers is to locate and correct disorders of the spine in order to eliminate nervous system stress. When chiropractic treatment removes nerve interference, the immune system is free to work properly.

Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center and Allergies

Nobody should have to waste a beautiful spring day hiding out indoors, worried about seasonal allergies. Nor should the arrival of good weather mean the use of allergy medications that can make you drowsy and unproductive.

Chiropractic is a healthy, drug free option that addresses the origin of allergies rather than simply masking symptoms. By locating and correcting nervous system disruptions, chiropractic gets at the heart of what is causing your allergies.

At Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center, we understand that with proper spinal alignment, the nervous and immune systems can work optimally. Our facility’s practices include traditional chiropractic procedures in addition to a method known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). Allergies can be resolved effectively through CBP because the treatment focuses on the spine as a whole in order to return the nervous system to the best possible condition.

If you are suffering from allergies, please call Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center to learn more about how we can help.

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