Chiropractic Treatment for Colic Infants

Do you have a newborn or infant that is suffering from colic? Have you searched night after night and tried every remedy to help fix the colic? Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office offers chiropractic for colic infants in Red Bank, NJ. Infants that suffer from colic can benefit from Chiropractic Treatments that help align the spine.

One of the most frustrating situations for new parents is dealing with a child that is suffering from colic. Colic is a condition that affects newborns (usually up to three to four months) and can be described as uncontrollable crying for extended periods of time. This unexplained crying generally takes place during the afternoon or in the evening, usually at a specific time of day for each individual case.

There is no generally accepted explanation for colic. One theory holds that colic is related to abnormal stomach and intestinal bacteria. Bacteria plays a major role in digestion; a problem with bacteria may lead to issues in the breakdown of food and cause abdominal cramping, pain, and excessive gas production.

Colic & the Spine

Spinal misalignment is another explanation for colic. Newborns and infants are susceptible to physical trauma starting from the day they are born. High rates of intervention during the birthing process are one explanation for an increase in spinal concerns. Children born through caesarean delivery (or with forceps or vacuums) may suffer their first spinal issues at the very moment of birth. And many times, this trauma is subclinical. In other words, the apparent injuries are so subtle, that they are often undetected by the best physicians at the time of birth.

In addition to trauma experienced during birth, up to 50% of infants experience a fall from a bed, crib, or dressing table in the first year of life. Even hugs from enthusiastic older siblings can cause stress. In all of these cases, the neck (cervical) region of the spine can be injured and misaligned.

When you consider these factors, it’s not difficult to see how a baby could end up with spinal misalignments (subluxations). Any sort of irritation in the joints of the spine can affect the body’s nerves. This nerve interference can lead to altered functioning in every part of the body, including the intestinal tract.

Chiropractic Treatment for Colic

Numerous studies have proven that chiropractic treatment for infants is an effective and safe option. One such study followed 316 infants with a median age of 5.7 weeks. Researchers found that after two weeks and an average of three treatments, improvement in the symptoms of colic were reported in 94% of cases.(1)

Another trial involved two groups of infants who had been diagnosed with colic. For two weeks, half of the study subjects underwent chiropractic treatment, while the rest received the drug dimethicone. In the course of only 12 days, the infants receiving chiropractic care experienced a 67% reduction in crying, while the drug group saw 38% less crying (the drug group’s numbers may be slightly skewed; a number of babies taking dimethicone were pulled from the study when their symptoms worsened, and the final total includes only those who remained to be observed).(2)

Chiropractic Services for Infants in our Monmouth County Office

No child is too young for chiropractic services at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. Newborns are regularly referred to us by pediatricians. Analysis and treatment is often very straightforward. Treatment consists of a gentle massage-like technique called Cranial Therapy. Infants respond very quickly in most cases with parents reporting results in as few as just one treatment.

Due to the traumas of birth and the many physical stresses experienced by newborns and infants, spinal subluxations can and do occur. This leaves a child vulnerable to many health problems, including colic. By keeping the body free of these spinal misalignments, pediatric patients are offered the chance to have perfect health from day one.

Our practice provides chiropractic treatments that are safe, gentle, and effective. In addition the Cranial Therapy, the chiropractors at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation use a treatment known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), which incorporates an instrument that provides a soothing vibratory force while correcting spinal issues.

Chiropractic care is not a cure for colic; in fact, it is not used as a treatment for any specific health condition. By reducing spinal stress, however, infants and children with a number of health issues have been helped through the removal of interference in the nervous system.

Please call or visit our Red Bank, NJ chiropractic office to learn more about how we can help with your child’s colic or other health issue.

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