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Chiropractic Treatment for Colic

Numerous studies have proven that chiropractic treatment for infants is an effective and safe option. One such study followed 316 infants with a median age of 5.7 weeks. Researchers found that after two weeks and an average of three treatments, improvement in the symptoms of colic were reported in 94% of cases.(1)

Another trial involved two groups of infants who had been diagnosed with colic. For two weeks, half of the study subjects underwent chiropractic treatment, while the rest received the drug dimethicone. In the course of only 12 days, the infants receiving chiropractic care experienced a 67% reduction in crying, while the drug group saw 38% less crying (the drug group’s numbers may be slightly skewed; a number of babies taking dimethicone were pulled from the study when their symptoms worsened, and the final total includes only those who remained to be observed).(2)