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Conservative Medical care for Pain Management in Farmingdale

A Physiatrist (a doctor specializing in non-surgical pain management) acts as the head of our team of physical therapists, acupuncturist, and doctors of chiropractic. By working closely with all healthcare modalities, truly cohesive and targeted programs of rehabilitation are created to address both pain and the source of pain.

This process was specifically designed to be aggressive (in terms of results) while holding fast to the goal of conservative rehabilitation (less dependence on drugs and a reduced likelihood of surgical intervention).

Steroid and anesthetic injections are used when pain is severe and disabling. Rehabilitation is not always possible when pain restricts the ability to move; this hindrance to the rehabilitation process is often the reason patients end up in surgery. By ending the cycle of pain and inflammation with steroids and anesthetic numbing agents, the body is free to heal naturally. Some examples include Epidural Steroid Injections; these work to relieve the pain associated with inflammation of the spinal nerves. Trigger Point Injections address muscle pain or spasms, while Joint Injections can help with pain and inflammation of the joints.