Diagnosis and Treatment of Disc Injuries in Red Bank, NJ: Discograms

The most fundamental element in the creation of pain management and rehabilitation programs is correct diagnosis. The Medical Director at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has a number of in-house diagnostic tools, including traditional x-ray, electro-diagnostic nerve testing, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound. For a small number of patients suffering from disc injury-related back pain, diagnosis and treatment may prove elusive. In these situations, our office is affiliated with several local surgery centers in order to perform Discograms, a more conclusive diagnostic procedure for back pain.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation now offers more methods of pain management and rehabilitation than ever before. Some patients find relief after working with our Doctors of Chiropractic and staff of Physical Therapists. We also offer acupuncture for pain relief and relaxation.

When conservative methods of rehabilitation aren’t enough, our medical staff may recommend and perform any number of interventional pain management procedures. For disc injuries, some sufferers benefit from injections of a corticosteroid or anesthetic. Anesthetic injections are also sometimes used as part of the diagnostic process. In most cases, this strategy enables patients to participate in physical therapy programs with less pain.

For an unlucky few, back pain persists despite all attempts at rehabilitation. Some medical offices might consider surgery the next logical step—in many cases, this surgery involves spinal fusion. There are a very small number of cases in which back surgery is necessary, and there are far more surgeries than there are patients who actually require such traumatic intervention.

At this point, our Medical Director may perform a Discogram, a diagnostic procedure designed to provide a more accurate picture of the disc problems that may be causing back pain.


Discograms are used for patients who have been suffering from chronic back pain that has not yet responded to other treatments. Discograms provide crucial diagnostic information for the creation of targeted and effective programs of rehabilitation and pain management.

This diagnostic procedure is used to evaluate the condition of the intervertebral discs. In some cases, it may be used to determine whether or not pain is truly originating from an injured spinal disc, or if other spinal conditions are culpable.

Disc bulges and herniations can occur anywhere in the spine, but are most often found in the neck and the lower back. Pain in the lower back—the lumbar spine—is often indicative of a disc injury. The neck, which is known as the cervical spine and is less protected than other parts of the spine, may be affected by any number of traumas that cause pain and other disc injury-related symptoms.

Discograms and Treatment for Disc Injuries at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation recognizes that back surgeries, while only occasionally necessary, are actually performed quite often—and on patients that do not truly need surgery. In many cases, patients do not benefit from such intervention and end up back in rehabilitation and pain management programs.

Our medical office, however, takes the non-surgical treatment and resolution of back pain very seriously. Discograms are just one more step toward finding answers for patients that may be giving up hope of finding relief.

Feel free to contact our Red Bank, NJ office to learn more about rehabilitation and pain management for disc injuries and back pain.