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Red Bank New Jersey Ear Infection Treatment

Chiropractic can benefit children who suffer from chronic ear infections. Our chiropractors have treated many children who suffer from ear infections with chiropractic in Red Bank, NJ. See how our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation facility can help your child be ear-ache free.

Otitis Media (ear infection) is one of the most common childhood illnesses that affect children most commonly between infancy and age 8. By 3 years of age, approximately two thirds of children have had at least one episode of otitis media and one third have had three or more episodes. This inflammation and effusion of the middle ear has plagued young children and the health care community for years. Conventional antibiotic therapy has decreased in effectiveness due to the over prescription and over utilization by doctors. Although ear infections can be traced to a bacterial origin, an even greater amount is viral in nature, and is therefore unresponsive to antibiotics.