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Elbow Pain Solutions at Monmouth Pain

At Monmouth Pain, we utilize a variety of treatments to resolve your elbow pain. Our programs are all specially designed to first diagnose the problem and second to fix it. Our team of experts utilizes proper imaging and examination techniques to ensure we are finding the cause before we treat.  

Too many hours in the gym?  Repetition injury?  Carrying that heavy baby for too many hours a day?  

All of these things can cause inflammation to the tendons around the elbow that can lead to chronic pain.

Occupation Therapy, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, and Acupuncture are primary specialists at Monmouth Pain that get great results with your elbow condition.

Acupuncture, Cold Laser, and Injection Therapy Options for the Treatment of Tennis Elbow

‘Tennis elbow’ is the common term used to describe a condition known as lateral epicondylitis, a form of tendonitis that involves inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. A tendon is a tissue that attaches the bones to muscles.

Tennis elbow is usually experienced as pain in the elbow, a weakened grip, and damage to the tendons connected to the humerus (an upper arm bone). It can be caused by repeated twisting of the wrist or rotation of the forearm.

This condition is usually experienced by those who participate in sports such as tennis, golf, or other physical activities. People who work with their hands also have a greater risk of developing tennis elbow.

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