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Erchonia R2L Radiation to Light Cell Phone Converter

Now available at all Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation locations: Erchonia R2L. This revolutionary, super-thin microprocessor converts cell phone radiation into harmless light. The R2L attaches to ANY smart phone or cell phone and reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation up to 70% without affecting the quality of your calls.

Erchonia is the world’s largest manufacturer of therapeutic lasers.

A May 2015 article in the International Journal Oncology reported that cell phone radiation can cause brain tumors and should be considered a carcinogen. Furthermore, carrying your cell phone on your body – in a pocket, or even tucked into a bra – has been found to cause cancer in that exact area.

The R2L takes this dangerous radiation and transforms it into a tiny light that shines out of the attachment. Since energy cannot be destroyed, it must be converted into something harmless instead. It does all this without dropping or affecting your calls or data.

The R2L is the smart choice for reducing you & your family’s exposure to cell phone radiation because it’s the only product PROVEN to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation up to 70%.

You can find frequently asked questions about the R2L here.

R2L’s are available at all Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation locations across New Jersey: Shrewsbury, Wall, Lacey, Freehold. The may be purchased for $25. Please call 732-345-1377 for more information on how to purchase.