Fair Haven NJ Pain Management

Defining Pain Management

The term ‘Pain Management’ encompasses a number of approaches to relieving or reducing the sensation of pain. This process might include both non-pharmacological intervention (physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc.) as well as pharmacological methods (steroid injections, for example).

The most common issue that patients have with the pain management process is that it is often stressful. For example, doctors that specialize in pain management may refer patients to a physical therapy center. Patients may then also choose to visit separate offices for acupuncture or chiropractic care. In such cases, patients are doing a lot of additional, unnecessary work in order to find relief.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation views pain management as a process that is more successful when approached collaboratively. In this light, Fair Haven pain management patients can find all treatment options—medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture—working in harmony in one central location.

Understanding Medical Care for Pain Management in Fair Haven

The Medical Director at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is the architect of each patient’s individualized program of care. This type of medical doctor is a specialist in conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and neurological systems of the body. He works closely with an in-house staff of physical therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractic doctors in carrying out conservative, non-invasive pain management strategies.

For some patients, pain is severe enough to restrict mobility and normal functioning. In such cases, physical therapy may be used to get patients moving again and to build strength and flexibility. Acupuncture might be used to reduce pain naturally, while chiropractic care ensures the health of central nervous system (the spine, nerves, and brain).

When patients cannot take advantage of such treatment options due to prohibitively high pain levels, our Medical Director might make use of minimally invasive procedures, including the use of steroid injections for long-term pain relief. Short-term relief can be found with injections of an anesthetic numbing agent.

What conditions are treated at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation?

Using a conservative, non-surgical approach, the following list covers some (but not all) of the conditions that can be treated at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation:

Auto Accident Injury Program Leg Pain
Sports Injuries Arthritis
Back Pain Tendonitis
Neck Pain Ankle Sprains
Sciatica Knee Injuries/Pain
Numbness Posture
Tingling Scoliosis
Fibromyalgia Spinal Stenosis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chronic Pain
Bulged or Herniated Discs Whiplash
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hip Pain

In addition to pain management, our office can help Fair Haven patients with a number of other health-related conditions, including:

Quit Smoking Now with Acupuncture Sinus Problems
Weight Loss Respiratory Problems
Addictions Hypertension
Anxiety Allergies
Depression Ear Infections

For Fair Haven NJ pain management and rehabilitation, please contact our office.