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Farmingdale, NJ Pain Management

The purpose of pain is to indicate that something has gone wrong. For example, neck pain might be the result of disc problems in the cervical spine (the neck), or whiplash. Neck pain might also be a symptom of arthritis, fibromyalgia, or spinal stenosis. When pain does not resolve naturally, it is necessary to address the cause of symptoms in order to alleviate suffering.

Excessive or prolonged pain is unhealthy for the body. It can affect quality of life and cause depression, sleep problems, and (over time) lead to heart disease and other serious conditions. For these reasons, it is essential for the health of the entire body to seek out treatment for pain of any kind.

Patients in Farmingdale, NJ, can now take advantage of the latest in pain management and rehabilitation. With the inclusion of a medical doctor at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, our office integrates the best in traditional care (medication management, physical therapy) with holistic practices (chiropractic) and Eastern pain management techniques (acupuncture).

For any injury or illness, it is an intuitive choice to seek out the safest, healthiest, and most effective approaches to care. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s method is centered on reducing damage and stress to the body while boosting the overall health of the patient during rehabilitation. In some medical offices, patients are advised to undergo costly and ineffective surgeries; our facility is dedicated to helping patients avoid this harmful approach.