Farmingdale, NJ Pain Management

The purpose of pain is to indicate that something has gone wrong. For example, neck pain might be the result of disc problems in the cervical spine (the neck), or whiplash. Neck pain might also be a symptom of arthritis, fibromyalgia, or spinal stenosis. When pain does not resolve naturally, it is necessary to address the cause of symptoms in order to alleviate suffering.

Excessive or prolonged pain is unhealthy for the body. It can affect quality of life and cause depression, sleep problems, and (over time) lead to heart disease and other serious conditions. For these reasons, it is essential for the health of the entire body to seek out treatment for pain of any kind.

Patients in Farmingdale, NJ, can now take advantage of the latest in pain management and rehabilitation. With the inclusion of a medical doctor at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, our office integrates the best in traditional care (medication management, physical therapy) with holistic practices (chiropractic) and Eastern pain management techniques (acupuncture).

For any injury or illness, it is an intuitive choice to seek out the safest, healthiest, and most effective approaches to care. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s method is centered on reducing damage and stress to the body while boosting the overall health of the patient during rehabilitation. In some medical offices, patients are advised to undergo costly and ineffective surgeries; our facility is dedicated to helping patients avoid this harmful approach.

Conservative Medical care for Pain Management in Farmingdale

A Physiatrist (a doctor specializing in non-surgical pain management) acts as the head of our team of physical therapists, acupuncturist, and doctors of chiropractic. By working closely with all healthcare modalities, truly cohesive and targeted programs of rehabilitation are created to address both pain and the source of pain.

This process was specifically designed to be aggressive (in terms of results) while holding fast to the goal of conservative rehabilitation (less dependence on drugs and a reduced likelihood of surgical intervention).

Steroid and anesthetic injections are used when pain is severe and disabling. Rehabilitation is not always possible when pain restricts the ability to move; this hindrance to the rehabilitation process is often the reason patients end up in surgery. By ending the cycle of pain and inflammation with steroids and anesthetic numbing agents, the body is free to heal naturally. Some examples include Epidural Steroid Injections; these work to relieve the pain associated with inflammation of the spinal nerves. Trigger Point Injections address muscle pain or spasms, while Joint Injections can help with pain and inflammation of the joints.

Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing through Acupuncture

Acupuncture has a number of benefits that make it a particularly relevant addition to the pain management process:

• Acupuncture prompts the release of both endorphins and serotonin, both of which address pain and help the body to relax.
• This ancient Chinese practice harnesses the body’s natural ability to fight pain, thereby reducing the need for painkilling medications.
• By increasing circulation and addressing the emotional aspects of pain management (which can sometimes impede healing), acupuncture helps to speed up the healing process.

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NJ

Physical therapy is a term that encompasses a wide range of rehabilitation practices. Our office uses the followingtherapies:

Therapeutic Exercise is an excellent method of reducing pain and increasing flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation was one of the first to incorporate PowerPlate technology to boost the success of exercise programs.
Spinal Decompression Traction stretches the spine to remove pressure on the nerves that may be causing pain. In particular, it can help to resolve the cause of pain related to bulged or herniated discs.
Low Level Laser Therapy speeds up healing at the cellular level; this therapy has an added benefit of reducing the likelihood that scar tissue may form and cause further issues.
• To reduce stiffness, spasms, and cramping of the muscles, Ultrasound Technology uses sound waves to enhance circulation and healing.
• To treat pain and improve movement, Electrotherapy addresses inflammation as well as muscle spasms and weakness. It also assists with tissue repair for faster healing.

Chiropractic Care

When the spine is in perfect alignment, the spinal cord can remain soft to facilitate the flow of blood and nerves to the rest of the body. When trauma occurs (both sudden or over time due to poor posture), it can result in misalignments of the spine that lead to both pain and an increased risk for a number of physical disorders. In order to treat painful conditions and promote optimal health, chiropractic care ensures that the spine is properly aligned for perfect nervous system functioning.