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Phsyical Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Physical therapists are concerned with movement (otherwise known as kinesiology). A licensed physical therapists will create a personalized program intended to help fibromyalgia patients improve mobility and functioning, relieve pain, and prevent further damage.

It’s important for fibromyalgia patients to understand the importance of exercise in the quest to return to normal physical functioning. For such patients, exercise programs should always be supervised by a licensed physical therapist in order to avoid exacerbating symptoms.

Therapeutic exercise is a natural, drug free method of easing the pain and inflammation that plague fibromyalgia patients. It can also help patients to sleep better; together, exercise and proper sleep can reduce the symptoms of depression (a problem for many fibromyalgia sufferers).

Other physical therapy techniques and technologies can include:

• Ice and Heat Therapies;
• Deep Tissue massage;
• Ultrasound;
• Electrotherapy; and
• Low Level Laser Therapy