Rehabilitation for Foot Numbness and/or Tingling

Numbness and Tingling in any part of the body can be a scary experience. When searching for answers, it’s important to ensure that the medical office you choose is equipped with the right types of diagnostic tools and offers the very best rehabilitation options.

Monmouth Pain is proud to offer patients a really comprehensive diagnostic process—this is particularly relevant for patients with numbness or tingling because we offer Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing to determine exactly what’s causing symptoms. We also provide traditional x-ray, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy (a type of moving x-ray). Once a diagnosis has been made, our office provides multiple treatment options for care in our Shrewsbury and Wall offices.

Don’t take your chance on diagnostic guesses or incomplete treatment programs. Contact us about your symptoms and we’ll ensure that you receive the very best in both diagnosis and care.

Monmouth Pain provides the following options for the treatment of numbness/tingling in the feet:

Medical Pain Management Red Bank Chiropractors
Acupuncture Physical Therapy

Our staff works together to provide truly comprehensive systems of rehabilitation and symptom management for patients. Together, we sit down to discuss each individual case and how we can best use our multi-disciplinary offerings together to help.  If interested in exploring some of our treatment options; medical, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, or massage therapy call our office to schedule a FREE consultation. 732-345-1377.

Understanding Foot Numbness and Tingling

Tingling or numbness in the feet are abnormal sensations caused by damaged, diseased, or inflamed nerves. This is known as a neuropathy and symptoms may include weakness, burning, and pain in addition to a lack of sensation or a feeling of ‘tingling.’

Diabetes is the most common cause of foot neuropathy. Physical trauma is another major culprit—injuries such as those incurred during an auto accident or sports activity can lead to the compression of or damage to the nerves. Disc injuries from a trauma may also put pressure on the nerves and cause numbness and tingling in the feet.

Sciatica is a condition that is often associated with neuropathy. The symptoms of sciatica follow a path from the lower back down the back of the legs and thighs to the ankle, foot, and toes. This usually occurs on only one side—affecting one foot—but can also happen bilaterally (in both feet).

Any factor—including problems with the bones, ligaments, tendons, and/or muscles—can lead to neuropathy in the feet. When inflammation and swelling constrict the limited space through which nerves must pass, the information relayed between the brain and the body is interrupted.

Rehabilitation for Foot Numbness at Monmouth Pain

There are a number of reasons that foot numbness and/or tingling may occur—this is why we can’t stress enough the importance of a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan specifically developed for each individual case. Contact our office to schedule complimentary exam to learn more.