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Foot Pain Treatment Options at Monmouth Pain


For those suffering from foot pain, usually, the only activity that doesn’t hurt is sitting down. Unfortunately, ignoring pain often leads to chronic suffering, further immobility, and worse health in general.

The primary cause of foot pain is poor biomechanics in the foot.  Over time, the feet become flatter as the arch structure of the foot collapses. Not only does this affect your feet and cause pain, but flatter feet can also cause problems with spinal alignment of the back, and also adversely affect the hips, and knees. Without addressing the cause, the condition will continue to deteriorate with time.

Our team of physicians are rehabilitation specialists will get to the cause of the foot pain with proper imaging and examination.  

We fit many of our patient with custom orthotics to address the abnormal foot biomechanics. Custom orthotics put your feet into a more ideal position thereby removing much of the abnormal stress in the feet.  

Orthotics must provide a delicate balance of structure and shock absorption. Today’s orthotics are superior to those used in the past because they are made of modern materials that can provide the type of custom support that maintains some degree of flattening (for shock absorption) while keeping the arch of the foot up.

Injection Therapy, Physical Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, and Acupuncture are all common ways that the Monmouth Pain Team works to fix your foot pain.

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