Pain Management for Foot Pain in Lacey, Wall, Freehold and Shrewsbury NJ

Monmouth & Ocean County Rehabilitation offices has a number of solutions for foot pain—including custom-made orthotics.

For those suffering from foot pain, usually the only activity that doesn’t hurt is sitting down. Unfortunately, ignoring pain often leads to chronic suffering, further immobility, and worse health in general.

A major cause of foot pain is age. Over time, the feet become flatter as the arch structure of the foot collapses. Not only does this affect your feet and cause pain, but flatter feet can also cause problems with spinal alignment and the back, hips, and knees. The bigger issue here is that the condition will only continue to deteriorate with time.

Fortunately, Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation provides custom, biomechanic orthotics that address the way in which the feet function on the ground. These orthotics work by applying a force directly under the foot’s arch.

Orthotics must provide a delicate balance of structure and shock absorption. Today’s orthotics are superior to those used in the past because they are made of modern materials that can provide the type of custom support that maintains some degree of flattening (for shock absorption) while keeping the arch of the foot up.

If you suffer from foot pain, please call our Shrewsbury, Freehold, Wall, & Lacey office at 732-345-1377 to set up a FREE consultation.  We will have you “back on your feet” in no time!

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