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Sole Supports: Monmouth County Foot Pain Solutions

Monmouth Pain is certified to provide our patients with custom foot orthotics from Sole Supports—a company that is distinguished by the fact that it requires all practitioners to complete specific educational criteria before providing the company’s orthotics for patients. They are also so meticulous about the casting process that the company can and will reject any casts that haven’t been completed to their specifications—a big reason why Monmouth Pain has become certified to provide these devices.

Sole Supports creates their orthotics with a number of factors in mind, including the patient’s weight, foot flexibility, and activity levels. Feet that are more flexible often need more support. Taking into account such factors is what allows our office to provide the very best customized devices for the feet.

The orthotics provided in our office will change the way in which the foot actually functions on the ground. They are helpful for patients suffering from sports-related foot pain, including IT Band Syndrome from running or cycling. It also helps patients in Monmouth County suffering from Plantar Fasciitis; bunions; pregnancy-related foot pain; arthritis; Morton’s Neuroma; as well as foot pain-related back pain and knee pain.