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Forked River / Lacey Township Physical Therapy

lacey township physical therapy

Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary facility serving Lacey Township physical therapy and holistic wellness services. Our Lacey Township/Forked River physical therapy center works to identify and maximize the patient’s movement potential using the four main spheres of physical therapy: promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is located at 747 Lacey Road, Forked River, NJ 08731. To find out more information about our services or to schedule a FREE initial consult, call 732-345-1377 or fill out this form.

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forked river physical therapy

Lacey Township Physical Therapy for Injuries & Chronic Health Issues

Our Lacey Township physical therapists can treat a number of issues, including acute injuries from auto accidents, sports, or work, or chronic pain or health issues like knee pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, leg pain, concussions, tears, sprains, strains, and more.

During a Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation PT Session you can expect to see:

  • Use of Recumbent Bikes
  • Elliptical Motion
  • Vibration Plate
  • Balance Beam
  • Dynadisc Balance Facilitator
  • Gymballs, Therabands and Theratubes
  • Hand Putty
  • Free Motion Cable Cross
  • Ankle Weights, Weighted Hand Balls
  • Graduated Dumbbells Weighted from 1lb to 25lbs

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Lacey Township

Post-operative physical therapy is key to recovering following certain surgeries, and can be just as important as the surgery itself in returning the body to function and movement capabilities. Post-operative recovery in Shrewsbury or Wall, NJ can entail healing in the specific body part that was operated on, including the knee, wrist, or other joints. It can also be for regaining mobility, from simply walking and bending down, to exercising and having an active life. Post-surgical physical therapy or other treatments can also help accelerate recovery time.

Our Lacey Township/Forked River physical therapy team can help with recover for knee surgery or knee replacement, wrist surgery, shoulder surgery, broken bones, and much more.

What do our patients say?

“My daughter was initially referred to Monmouth Pain and Rehab for a possible concussion and neck injury from gymnastics.   As soon as we walked into the office, we loved it!  The girls at the front desk are friendly, helpful, and immediately make you feel comfortable.   I can’t say enough praise about the doctors and staff in the back.  They are amazing people, both professionally and personally.  Since my daughter had so much success with her recovery, I also decided to be treated for my own back pain.   Between the two of us, we have been treated with PT, chiropractic, dry needling, massage, and decompression therapy.   The multi disciplinary approach has been wonderful since I have been able to try different treatments.   They are caring listeners and I would highly recommend them to everyone.  Five stars is not enough….they are the best!” –Maryellen M.

“Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is the best place in the world to come to. It is a friendly atmosphere instead of business-like. The treatments are intense but the practitioners are gentle in their approach. I started here with my knees and had physical therapy – it was gentler and more bearable than any fitness doctor you could go to but so awesome because I saw immediate results in my pain level. I had bone on bone knee pain and was able to regain mobility. They were also able to help with my back pain and range of motion – I was unable to bend and move without pain and now I can touch my toes! My acupuncture sessions with Nicole H. are so relaxing and help tremendously with my back and knee pain. Acu has saved my quality of life! If it wasn’t for Dr. Bill. Dr. Murray, Nicole Heuschkel and the physical therapy team I would probably be in a wheel chair.” –Carol P.