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Frozen Shoulder | Lacey Township

Adhesive Capsulitis, commonly known as Frozen Shoulder, is characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. It is not known exactly what causes Frozen Shoulder, although people with diabetes are more at risk, as well as those who have immobilized their shoulder for a long period of time, such as following a surgery. Scar tissue may build up, and there may be a reduction in joint fluid which can cause immobility.cold laser therapy Lacey

Shoulder pain can be particularly frustrating for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it can inhibit you from doing daily tasks or activities as simple as putting on a jacket. It can also affect other areas of the body, like the neck and arms.

When it comes to dealing with shoulder joint problems, there are a few options. One might be surgery, and you may have heard that surgery is the only way to fix a shoulder, but that is not necessarily true. Recovery following shoulder surgery can be excruciating and difficult. The doctors at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation focus on helping patients avoid unnecessary surgeries. Treatment options at this facility are non-invasive, safe, and they work. Another option in shoulder relief might be medications, but taking medications cannot be considered a long-term solution. Over-the-counter medications simply mask the pain, without addressing what’s causing the problem. Prescription pills can be addictive and dangerous, and also neglect to address the cause of the pain. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, the goal is to find the cause of the pain and work to fix it for good.

The non-invasive treatment options available at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation are customized to each individual patient. The doctors complete an evaluation at the time of the of the initial consult  to diagnose the condition and determine the best course of treatment, choosing any combination of the multiple services available all under one roof.

Depending on your unique situation, one of these state of the art technologies may be included in your treatment. Shoulder relief at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is not one dimensional, and it does not incorporate drugs or surgery. The practitioners at Monmouth Pain have been delivering exceptional care to patients in Monmouth County for 20 years and are proud to now serve Ocean County.

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