Acupuncture Treatment for Headaches in Red Bank, New Jersey

Headaches are a common experience; nearly everyone has suffered a bad headache at some point. For some people, however, headaches become a serious problem when they occur often enough to interfere with the ability to function on a daily basis. For this group, headaches can lead to serious physical, emotional, and (in some cases) financial stress.

There are many types of headaches. The following list includes the most prevalent forms:

Tension-Type Headaches: Tension-type headaches are the most common type experienced by adults. The main symptoms of tension-type headaches include a constant pain or pressure on the head that may be accompanied by aching pain at the back of the head, neck, or in the temples. Tension-type headaches are often attributed to spasms in the muscles of the neck, jaw, and face.

Migraine Headaches: Occasionally, tension-type headaches are misdiagnosed as migraine headaches. However, migraine headaches are different because they often present with other neurological symptoms such as sensitivity to light and sound; numbness and tingling; or auditory and visual disturbances. Migraines, unlike tension-type headaches, produce a throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head.

Cluster Headaches: Cluster headaches involve pain that occurs periodically. These episodes are experienced as a cycle of active pain followed by a remission.

Sinus Headaches: Sinus headaches are just one symptom of a larger problem known as sinusitis or rhino-sinusitis. They are caused by inflammation of the sinuses because of allergies or as the result of an infection.