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Joint Injections for Hip Pain

Hip pain can range in severity—for some patients, pain and inflammation can seriously limit the ability to undergo the most conservative rehabilitation practices (such as acupuncture or physical therapy). A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will then determine if Joint Injections are a viable option for such patients. Joint injections work by reducing inflammation and pain through the use of a corticosteroid.

Corticosteroids are produced naturally by the body and are involved in a number of the body’s processes, including stress and immune responses as well as the regulation of inflammation. Synthetic corticosteroids are used in Joint Injections to reduce inflammation and increase functioning; in this way, patients are able to complete rehabilitation programs to allow the body to heal in the healthiest way possible.

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, joint injections are performed with the guidance of Ultrasound or Fluoroscopic imaging. These imaging techniques allow our doctors to view the musculoskeletal system in real time, thereby ensuring the precision, accuracy, and effectiveness of injections.