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How is Pain Management at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation different?

While pain management in general may share some common practices, the system of care at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is an updated approach that makes the process easier and more effective for Long Branch pain management patients.

For example, in order to minimize the stress that may compound the pain management process, our office offers all services in one location. Our medical facility has an in-house staff that consists of a Medical Doctor (one who specializes in non-surgical pain management), a team of physical therapists, an acupuncturist, and Doctors of Chiropractic. Because our team of healthcare practitioners varies from traditional to holistic, we are able to offer the healthiest, least invasive, and most successful forms of pain management.

The goal of pain management for Long Branch patients is to relieve pain, restore movement and functioning, and enhance the health of the entire body. We are dedicated to helping patients avoid unnecessary surgeries (particularly for those with back pain conditions) and to minimize the need for painkilling medications.

This comprehensive system has an added (and important) benefit: all of our practitioners work in close collaboration with each other. This means that the problems that sometimes plague the disjointed, multi-office approach used elsewhere are eradicated; each patient’s program of rehabilitation is created with a team-based approach for enhanced effectiveness.