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Lowering Blood Pressure through Chiropractic

Numerous studies have proven what many chiropractors (and traditional medical doctors) have known for some time—that chiropractic treatment can significantly lower blood pressure without the use of medication.

There is a very specific reason why chiropractic is so effective in treating hypertension: anatomical abnormalities (subluxations) in the cervical (neck) spine, particularly at the level of the Atlas vertebra, are associated with increased blood pressure. The Atlas vertebra (C1) is the topmost cervical vertebra of the spine.

Documented in the Journal of Human Hypertension*, fifty Stage 1 hypertensive patients were randomized to receive either chiropractic treatment or a sham procedure. The patients who received the real procedure experienced an average 14mmHg drop in systolic pressure and an average 8mmHg reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

None of the patients in the study received antihypertensive medications during the eight weeks of treatment.