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Will I gain all of the weight back if I stop using the program?

The answer is NO! If sucessfully completed, Ideal Protein is program that is developed to teach you how to eat well, lose weight and maintain your weight loss goals.

Does the food taste good?

We won’t lie to you – if you’re used to eating a cheeseburger and fries for lunch it may be an adjustment for your taste buds, but the food isn’t bad! and, the food is well, food. Unlike many other diets or “systems” Ideal Protein incorporates generous meals with each of the four phases.

Can I eat regular meals? 

Pizza? Cheeseburger & fries? No, but sensible portioned meals, yes. Your Ideal Protein coach will give you a list of suggested foods that will help you achieve optimum weight loss.

Can I cheat? 

Can you, of course you can. Should you? Is your cheat a piece of chocolate or six slices of pizza? We understand that you will have temptations but your coach will encourage you to stay on track and limit “cheat” meals or indulgences.