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Issues within the spine are caused by a number of very general problems, including any of the following:

• Daily activities: Everyday behaviors such as sitting at a desk for too long or even sleeping in an awkward position may result in unhealthy posture. Healthy activities such as gardening or tennis also have the potential to cause problems.

• Lifestyle: Weak abdominal muscles and/or obesity can cause a disruption in the balance of the spine and lead to postural issues.

• Aging: Age-related conditions such as degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis can affect the entire spine. Poor posture over time can also cause osteoarthritis, beginning an unhealthy cycle in which the spinal stenosis may also occur.

• Injury and Accidents: During an auto accident, sports injury, or other sudden trauma, the spine can be injured in ways that can cause pain and immobility. Other patients experience a negative change in the healthy alignment of the spine and are unaware of the condition until other health problems, such as headaches, occur.