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Knee Pain Treatment in Toms River| Knee Pain Treatment in Ocean and Monmouth County

Over 100 million Americans suffer from knee and joint pain. This ailment accounts for 25% of all visits to primary care physicians and half of all anti-inflammatory drug prescriptions.


The exact cause of knee pain is unknown. Factors that might cause it include the following: 

  • Being overweight
  • Getting older (wear and tear)
  • Joint injury
  • Joints that are not properly formed (alignment/imbalance problems)
  • A genetic defect in the joint cartilage
  • Stresses on the joints from certain activities including sports, work and leisure activities

All of the above over time can eat away at the cartilage in your knee leading to Osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis. In Osteoarthritis, the surface layer of cartilage breaks down and wears away. This allows the bones under the cartilage to rub together resulting in pain, swelling, and loss of motion of the joint. Although in some people it progresses quickly, in most individuals joint damage develops gradually over years.


After careful study and several trials the FDA approved a new treatment aimed at helping those with knee pain. This new treatment provides a solution for individuals who are living in pain and/or resorting to sugary, dietary supplements and prescription medications.

X-ray analysis coupled with video fluoroscopy allows the doctor to pinpoint problem areas with extreme accuracy. A viscosupplement is then injected and the healing process begins. Viscosupplementation bonds with naturally occurring joint fluid to create a lubricating and cushioning layer. It also reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling of the joint. Most patients compare the treatment to getting a shot at the doctor’s office and report little pain or discomfort.

Class IV Laser therapy and rehabilitation can also be used in addition to viscosupplementation treatment. Laser Therapy uses near-infrared light to stimulate healing creating a decrease in inflammation and an increase in oxygenated blood flow. It’s a newly developed technology is pain-less and completely safe with astounding results for many.

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