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Knee Pain Treatment in Wall, NJ

Do you suffer from Knee Pain in Wall, NJ? Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation facility can help you with Knee Pain treatment – there is no reason to suffer from Knee Pain any longer.

If you suffer from Knee Pain you may have symptoms like Pain & Stiffness in your knees, trouble getting out of bed in the morning, popping, cracking and grinding in your knees with movement. Often times our patients say they have trouble going up and down stairs due to discomfort and even the inability to do things with your loved ones.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for chronic knee pain, a knee injury or other knee conditions such as Tendonitis or Arthritis our goal is to provide long lasting relief by examining and treating the cause of the issue.

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation our specialist work to provide our patients with specific treatment plans that are based on their individual needs.

Knee Pain Treatments in Wall

Our Knee Pain Wall Township treatment facility offers a variety of innovative holistic knee pain treatment plans including technologies in conjunction with one another to get our patients out of knee pain and keep the pain from returning.

We combined both medical and holistic treatments to enhance full knee function. We offer non-invasive treatments for knee pain such as Viscosupplmentation Injections and homeopathic injections. Viscosupplentation injections use a lubrication that provides and allows the bones of the knee joint to move comfortably over one another.

We treat knee pain with Physical Therapy treatments and restore strength, mobility and function in the knee. Our PT Knee Pain Department in Wall, NJ uses advanced technologies such as vibration and laser therapy. We believe that we can help treat knee pain conditions by promoting circulation, flexibility and strength. Our advanced K-laser therapy also helps promote healing knee pain and increases circulation to the injured and damaged areas.

Knee Pain can also be treated with Acupuncture. Acupuncture can be performed to balance the body’s energy that results in the reduction of pain and discomfort. More recently, Acupuncture has been known to release peptides that can create the body’s own natural pain killing effect.

To learn more about how to treat your Knee Pain in Wall, NJ contact our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office.