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Live Your Best Life: Lecture Series

Live Your Best Life

Know your Body Better

“What at one time feels good or appears to be of help can turn out to be a problem; what we consider to be useful may in time prove to be harmful.”

-From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Most of us are going to live past 100 whether we like it or not.

How is your journey going to go from here?

Let me help guide you for 60 minutes with a good dose of science, nutrition, life and death.

We will move quickly and dig in deep on some of the health secrets that will last you a lifetime.

Dr. Thomas D’Andrea is going to provide deeper insights on holistic health and vitality for those seekers that want and insist on the best life they can live.


Dr. D’Andrea is the founder and president of Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, a system of multidisciplinary wellness and rehabilitation centers. It’s his unique vision, drive for success, and trailblazing mentality that has established him as a leader in the local holistic health community.