Improving Range of Motion with Massage

Massage therapy will help patients increase their range of motion. Whether due to age, injury, or just plain lack of movement, the body’s tendons, ligaments, and muscles begin to tighten up. This gradual tightening of our body creates a loss in motion and in-turn disables us from doing things we enjoy. Massage therapy at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation helps patients regain that motion and give back the ability to live life to its fullest. Our therapists will work on restoring that range of motion by implementing techniques that will help promote circulation that serves to provide natural lubricants between joints and muscles. Our Red Bank massage therapists will also work on stretching muscles and tendons to revitalize the body and return original flexibility and movement. By keeping our bodies flexible and loose, we can prevent a lot of potential injuries and maintain our body’s health and wellness.

Headaches, Depression and Anxiety Relief through Massage

Depression and anxiety pose real problems to both our mental and physical health. Both of these disorders can lead to stress, fatigue, and even make us more susceptible to disease by decreasing the strength of our immune system. Scientific studies have shown that massage therapy can help build our immune systems by increasing our body’s levels of cells that act as our first line of defense against viruses. Many of our patients at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation have stated that receiving massage therapy at our Red Bank facility allows them to feel more relaxed and healthy during their week. These patients have also mentioned that their newly found relaxation helps them cope and release their feelings of anxiety that have stricken them in the past.

Headaches can also be disabling for an individual. Many of our patients at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation have come to us with excruciating tension headaches, migraines, and headaches resulting from lack of sleep or poor diet. Research proves a direct relationship between neck pain and headaches. Massage can be an excellent therapeutic method to heal these types of headaches. Massage therapy relaxes muscles. This relaxed state will ease the tightness and pressures built up in our bodies that help create headaches.