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Michael Failla, DC

After graduating Villanova University, Dr. Failla received his Doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose California, in 1990. Furthering his post graduate education, Dr. Failla completed 300 hours of chiropractic rehabilitation at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He also completed and is certified in Manipulation under Anesthesia from Texas College of Chiropractic. During his years at Palmer, Dr. Failla had the opportunity to intern with The San Francisco 49ers Chiropractor. Also while attending school, he dedicated time with Los Medicos Voladores (The Flying Doctors), traveling and administering care in Central America to the less fortunate.

Studying under many doctors who specialized in headache and TMJ disorders, Dr. Failla has developed a headache protocol that greatly helps headache and migraine pain, when traditional treatments fail. “Even with decades of treating patients, when I relieve someone of chronic, debilitating pain and return them to a more normal life, the feeling I get is like when I did it for the first time. Nothing is more rewarding (with the exception of my family), than to help someone be rid of their pain that they otherwise thought they would have to live with.”

Practicing for 25+ years, Dr. Failla is a champion of the multi-discipline approach to health. “When you have different health care providers treating the same patient, there is an increased ability to correct their problem and not just treat their symptoms. In the end, the patient wins!”

Dr. Failla educates his community with outside lectures on many health and nutritional topics. “I will go to any company, school, or other learning centers to speak. If I help one person in the audience to better their health or reduce their pain, it’s well worth the time!”