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A Revolution in Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Long before the first office doors were opened to the public, Dr. Dandrea contemplated a lot of the issues endemic to the rehabilitation process. Why should patients be shuffled between multiple offices for medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.? Doesn’t this type of care create additional stress for patients who are already suffering? How are practitioners supposed to communicate effectively with one another when they are geographically separated?

Patients in pain deserve a stress-free system of care that doesn’t heap additional suffering on already taxed and strained bodies. Dr. Dandrea understood all of this and wanted to find a way to overcome these issues. He also understood that rehabilitation is not simply a physical process, but also one with many shades of emotion attached.

Today, the future of pain management is here. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation incorporates the very best in Medical Care for pain management, Interventional Pain Management, a full diagnostic process (including not only x-ray technology, but also ultrasound, fluoroscopy, electrodiagnostic nerve testing and MRI), comprehensive and cutting-edge physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture in Red Bank, NJ.