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Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s first incarnation was as a tiny chiropractic space that opened in 1998. The fledging office had no room for an x-ray machine and patients were sent to another facility for imaging; the films were picked up by Dr. Dandrea himself. No doubt the image of the young, entrepreneurial doctor biking across town to pick up his patient’s films will become part of the lore of Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation as it continues to move into the future of pain management.

The spirit of commitment to providing the very best in chiropractic care led to rapid word-of-mouth success. Much of this initial achievement also came as a result of Dr. Dandrea’s impassioned and disciplined approach to education, an approach that truly prepared him to offer the type of effective and compassionate chiropractic treatment necessary to attract and retain patients.

As of today, Dr. Dandrea has treated thousands of patients. Any patient who has worked with him knows that he was just as enthusiastic about helping the thousandth patient as he was for the very first.

Within three months of opening, the office had 120 patient visits per week and people were lining up outside the door waiting for treatment. Eventually, the practice was moved to a larger space and a Physical Therapy department was added.