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Chiropractic and Multiple Sclerosis

The traditional treatment for multiple sclerosis involves a series of powerful drugs (more on this below); given that side effects are part and parcel of being on a regular pharmaceutical regimen, many patients suffering from multiple sclerosis seek out natural, holistic treatment options to lessen or eliminate many neurological symptoms. These can include changes in diet, exercise, and herbal remedies.

Chiropractic treatment for multiple sclerosis is an effective drug free option for patients. A recent study has revealed that the correction of upper neck (cervical) issues can help improve or even reverse the progression of multiple sclerosis. In this study, 91% of patients showed improvement over a five year period.*

This study was the first to confirm the relationship between neck injuries and the development of multiple sclerosis. These types of injuries usually result from accidents in which the individual sustains a sudden force to the head or neck, such as in a car accident or from whiplash. Symptoms of the disease may surface at any point in the months or years following an accident, and individuals are often unaware of the extent of the sustained injury.