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Treatment for Muscle Pain in Belmar, NJ

Many people experience muscle pain in their life. This specifically refers to pain and inflammation of the skeletal muscle that is connected to the bones by tendons. The distress of muscle pain can be described as short periods of pain, which have gone untreated. When the pain is continually occurring and there is no relief, medical treatment may be the necessary option.

Myofascial Pain, also referred to as muscle pain, is a chronic pain and inflammation, having a large effect on connective tissues. It can involve a singular muscle or muscle group, including some type of trigger point that intensifies the pain. This type of pain may occur and heighten as a result of physical activities, stressful circumstances, arthritis, or unaccustomed exertion.

Myofascial Pain may also be linked to the following:

  • Leg Pain
  • Headaches
  • Arm Pain
  • Lower back pain

Treatment for Muscle Pain to Belmar Patients

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation in Wall, we can treat your muscle pain through our practices of physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, or trigger point injections. Our physiatrists are muscle, nerve, and bone specialists who focus on pain management treatments and rehabilitation.

Trigger Point Injections in Belmar NJ

At our office near Belmar, NJ our specialists may utilize trigger point injections for patients who are experiencing extreme muscle pain that makes it difficult to perform exercise and therapy practices. Our goal is to provide patients with individualized care when going through rehabilitation and therapy. We utilize conservative methods of pain managements and minimalize invasive procedures including trigger point injections. Focusing on our safe, drug-free pain management practices, can allow for healthy functionality without pharmaceutical intervention.

Trigger Point Injections, accompanied by ultrasound technology, is available at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation to patients in Belmar. This ultrasound technique uses high-frequency sound waves receive images to allow for effective trigger point injections.

Please contact our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation in Wall, near Belmar to learn more about the practices that we can offer to you for muscle pain- (732) 345-1377.