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Medical Care for Muscle Pain in Monmouth County

Trigger Point Injections for the relief of muscle pain

‘Muscle Pain’ is a broad category that refers to pain and inflammation in the muscles of the body. In a discussion of muscle pain, it’s important to note that we are referring to the skeletal muscle attached to the bones by collagen fibers (tendons). The vast majority of people will experience muscle pain at some point, and in most cases the pain resolves in a short period of time without treatment. Medical treatment for muscle pain is necessary only when the pain does not go away on its own.

Chronic muscle pain is known as Myofascial Pain—a condition of inflammation and pain that affects the connective tissues that covers the muscles. The symptoms of muscle pain usually involve specific ‘trigger points,’ or areas of intense muscle spasm and pain. This may be experienced by a muscle group or a single muscle. This pain is sometimes intensified by activity or stress, and can be caused by any of the following:

• Trauma or Injury;

• Overuse from excessive exercise or work-related exertion;

• Unaccustomed exertion;

• Fibromyalgia;

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;

• Arthritis;

• Anxiety and Stress; and/or

• Depression.

Chronic muscle pain is linked to other conditions, including headaches as well as pain in the jaw, neck, lower back, pelvis, and arms and legs.